Kristina Tyler - Your Balanced Solutions

Meet your bookkeeper!

Hi I'm Kristina.  I'm the founder and owner of Your Balanced Solutions, a bookkeeping service that caters to busy entreprenuers.  

My journey with bookkeeping began when I took an accounting class in college.  At that time, I didn’t even know what accounting was, but by the end of the class I had found a new passion.  

I shifted my focus to bookkeeping and enrolled in a vocational school, The Accounting Academy.  This was where I learned the skills I use today to serve my clients.

After graduation, an internship, and an office job, I felt the need to go out on my own.  I started my own bookkeeping business because I longed for a fulfilling career with the freedom to create my ideal lifestyle.  I was tired of being restricted to a schedule an employer set for me, and I wanted to achieve something great.


About Your Balanced solutions

Based on my suspicion that most entrepreneurs are motivated by these same desires, my bookkeeping service is intended to help other business owners attain those desires.  My service benefits not only myself, but also those who are like me. As I work on the books, entrepreneurs can work on their business, which gets them closer to achieving their professional and personal goals.

When you choose Your Balanced Solutions to meet your bookkeeping needs you will get:

  • An expert to handle all bookkeeping tasks in quality accounting software
  • Cloud storage, which gives you the ability to access data whenever needed
  • Financial records that are always up to date
  • A fixed monthly fee, rather than being charged by the hour
  • A completely online service, giving you easier/quicker access to me

Get Started Today

If you want to free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business, I would love to take over the books for you.  Please send me a message get the process stared. I am looking forward to taking the weight of bookkeeping off your shoulders.